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Why The New Teams Are Good For Formula One

Posted in Formula One with tags , , , , , , , on September 21, 2011 by joeszpara

Many people, including myself were very critical of the new teams in Formula One when they took to the track in Bahrain 2010 for their first practice session. Yes, they were 5-8 seconds off the pace but they had only had the go ahead to actually creating their own teams from scratch sixth months earlier. This is my opinion on why they are good for F1.

Firstly, new teams are good for the fans as anyone can see that more cars equal more racing even if they are at the back. Six more cars are on the grid that the fans get to see flying around the track at 170mph. They may be slower than the top teams around a whole lap but the noise and the speed the fans get to see is just as exciting.

Secondly, When new teams/businesses are created then obviously jobs are going to be available and that’s just as true in the F1 world.¬† On average around 300 people work for a team at the track and another 1,000 back at base so that’s roughly¬† 4,000 jobs created overnight which can never be a bad thing.

My final point is that these teams show the likes of Red Bull and Ferrari who spend hundreds of millions of pounds a year that a team can be run for the fraction of that cost. Red Bull were a “new” team 6 years ago and look at them now. Two Constructors and two Drivers world championships so don’t count out Virgin Racing, Team Lotus or HRT just yet.