My Thoughts On Light Bulbs

The World Without Light

Many people assume light bulbs are just little yellow bulbs that give off light and gather dust but they are so much more than that. In our modern era who can study to be a doctor or a rocket scientist without a light bulb guiding them through there studies into the early hours of the morning. If light bulbs were extinct god help us, we would be literally in a dark world.

Light Bulbs As A Symbol

Light bulbs mean different things to different people but the common theme throughout many cartoons is that the bulb represents an idea thought up by the person when shown above their head.

The Simplicity Of Them

To the average day to day bulb user they are one of the easiest things to use. I doubt anybody has ever said ‘changing this light bulb isn’t worth the effort”. Thats how easy they are to use.

Bulbs Fit In Anywhere

A bulb will never look out of place in any given room so they really do fit in anywhere!. Any bulb will go with any lampshade in the world which cannot be said about most household appliances. The bulb has got serious style as an icon and an item.

To Conclude

Next time you feel a bit dark in a room and you feel like turning on your light just think where we would all be if this little yellow gem that we call the bulb wasn’t invented.  Lets just hope we never have to find out!!


2 Responses to “My Thoughts On Light Bulbs”

  1. hayleyymarie Says:

    I love how you’ve made an everyday, simplistic object into such an interesting read

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