Lewis Hamilton’s Frustrations

Many People ask me why Lewis Hamilton has struggled this year. I don’t think there is any one answer to this question so im going to tell you what i think.

The Mclaren car that he has been given this year is down on downforce and overall pace compared to the Red Bull and arguably the Ferrari. This means that Lewis has to push harder and harder just to keep up with them in qualifying and the race which inevitably will lead to mistakes or him just feeling frustrated.

Monaco comes to mind where he didn’t qualify as well as he thought he should of then in the race he had incidents with Massa and Maldanado and the latter ended his race. When he was talking to the media he also made a regrettable comment saying “Maybe its cause im black, that’s what ally g says” referring to being called up to the stewards alot.

His team mate Jenson Button has definitely upped his game this year which will put even more pressure on Hamilton to perform as he is widely regarded as the faster of the two but is now trailing behind in the standings. The accusations about him being to aggressive by the F1 legends like Niki Lauda and Nigel Mansell wont help his confidence either.

Lewis has won one world championship in his 5 year career in formula one. Lets just hope for his sake his career does not stall and he develops a reputation for being aggressive and a loose cannon because he really is an awesome and talented driver.

Time never stops in the world of F1 and there is always ten outstanding rookie drivers behind you waiting to jump into your seat.


2 Responses to “Lewis Hamilton’s Frustrations”

  1. Well written 🙂 .. “Lets just hope for his sake his career does not stall…” funny. haha

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