5 Reasons Why Vettel Is a Deserving Champion

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Many F1 fans and journalists say Sebastian Vettel is not a deserving champion. I am going to tell you why he fully deserves the 2011 world drivers championship.

– The first thing you need to get right in a race weekend is qualifying as it gives you a better chance to do well in the race. Vettel has definitely done this almost perfectly claiming 11 pole positions out of 14 this season. This has only been beaten once by Nigel Mansell in 1992 with 14 pole positions so this record is within reach.

– It is widely known that to prove your speed you need to beat one person in particular, Your team mate. Vettel has beaten his experienced team mate Mark Webber in every race this season and leads him by 127 points in the standings with only 125 points left available.

– Rumors have been muttered in and around the paddock that Vettel can’t stay cool under pressure and he can’t overtake but Vettel proved last week at Monza last week that he can overtake quite spectacularly. He passed Alonso for the lead round the outside of him at 180mph corner touching the grass

– A driver who rarely makes mistake and is cool under pressure when leading a race is a real bonus to a team as Vettel proved. He has led an outstanding 70% of laps this season and only made one mistake worth mentioning where he lost the win to Jenson Button in Canada but the conditions were treacherous.

– Praise from other racing drivers doesn’t come often so when drivers like Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button all say that Vettel deserves the championship then chances are its true.


Lewis Hamilton’s Frustrations

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Many People ask me why Lewis Hamilton has struggled this year. I don’t think there is any one answer to this question so im going to tell you what i think.

The Mclaren car that he has been given this year is down on downforce and overall pace compared to the Red Bull and arguably the Ferrari. This means that Lewis has to push harder and harder just to keep up with them in qualifying and the race which inevitably will lead to mistakes or him just feeling frustrated.

Monaco comes to mind where he didn’t qualify as well as he thought he should of then in the race he had incidents with Massa and Maldanado and the latter ended his race. When he was talking to the media he also made a regrettable comment saying “Maybe its cause im black, that’s what ally g says” referring to being called up to the stewards alot.

His team mate Jenson Button has definitely upped his game this year which will put even more pressure on Hamilton to perform as he is widely regarded as the faster of the two but is now trailing behind in the standings. The accusations about him being to aggressive by the F1 legends like Niki Lauda and Nigel Mansell wont help his confidence either.

Lewis has won one world championship in his 5 year career in formula one. Lets just hope for his sake his career does not stall and he develops a reputation for being aggressive and a loose cannon because he really is an awesome and talented driver.

Time never stops in the world of F1 and there is always ten outstanding rookie drivers behind you waiting to jump into your seat.

Why The New Teams Are Good For Formula One

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Many people, including myself were very critical of the new teams in Formula One when they took to the track in Bahrain 2010 for their first practice session. Yes, they were 5-8 seconds off the pace but they had only had the go ahead to actually creating their own teams from scratch sixth months earlier. This is my opinion on why they are good for F1.

Firstly, new teams are good for the fans as anyone can see that more cars equal more racing even if they are at the back. Six more cars are on the grid that the fans get to see flying around the track at 170mph. They may be slower than the top teams around a whole lap but the noise and the speed the fans get to see is just as exciting.

Secondly, When new teams/businesses are created then obviously jobs are going to be available and that’s just as true in the F1 world.  On average around 300 people work for a team at the track and another 1,000 back at base so that’s roughly  4,000 jobs created overnight which can never be a bad thing.

My final point is that these teams show the likes of Red Bull and Ferrari who spend hundreds of millions of pounds a year that a team can be run for the fraction of that cost. Red Bull were a “new” team 6 years ago and look at them now. Two Constructors and two Drivers world championships so don’t count out Virgin Racing, Team Lotus or HRT just yet.

My Thoughts On Light Bulbs

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The World Without Light

Many people assume light bulbs are just little yellow bulbs that give off light and gather dust but they are so much more than that. In our modern era who can study to be a doctor or a rocket scientist without a light bulb guiding them through there studies into the early hours of the morning. If light bulbs were extinct god help us, we would be literally in a dark world.

Light Bulbs As A Symbol

Light bulbs mean different things to different people but the common theme throughout many cartoons is that the bulb represents an idea thought up by the person when shown above their head.

The Simplicity Of Them

To the average day to day bulb user they are one of the easiest things to use. I doubt anybody has ever said ‘changing this light bulb isn’t worth the effort”. Thats how easy they are to use.

Bulbs Fit In Anywhere

A bulb will never look out of place in any given room so they really do fit in anywhere!. Any bulb will go with any lampshade in the world which cannot be said about most household appliances. The bulb has got serious style as an icon and an item.

To Conclude

Next time you feel a bit dark in a room and you feel like turning on your light just think where we would all be if this little yellow gem that we call the bulb wasn’t invented.  Lets just hope we never have to find out!!